Day 167- April 22nd, 2019

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As always, I wish you wellness and well-being in all things. I hope that you had a joyous Easter Sunday if you, like me, are a believer.   Whether or not you are a believer, you might find the discussions that the following links take you to, interesting and, perhaps, even compelling: “Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources” and   “Historical Evidence for the Resurrection.”   “Pastor Ron” (The Rev. Dr. Ronald Duttweiler) of Trinity Church of Nunda recommended these links at today’s Easter Sunday Worship Service.

It’s spring, and, before you know it, summer will be here. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time outside. I always have spent a lot of time outside, but when I was younger I never had to think much about insect bites, other than the irritation they might cause. Those days are long over; in New York State, for example, there are three major ticks that cause disease: the deer tick, the American dog tick, and the lone star tick. According to the CDC, New York State is hit harder by tick-borne diseases than almost any other state. One such disease that I was totally unaware of until today is the “red-meat allergy disease” transmitted by the lone star tick. Below are a number of links to information about ticks and tick-borne diseases- what they are, where they are, how to avoid them and how to deal with them. I hope you find the information interesting and helpful:




Are You Risking Lyme Disease- How to Remove Ticks (USA Today)

Lyme Disease: Prevention, Symptoms, Stages and Early Treatment (Dr. Bones)

Dangerous Deer Ticks (National Geographic)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Cases Could Be on the Rise (ABC News)

Rise in Tick-Related Meat Allergy (Mayo Clinic)

Bug Bite Can Make You Allergic To Red Meat (Science Insider)

The Tick Season 2 Official Trailer

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Day 166- April 19th, 2019

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My wish for you is always for wellness and well-being. There may seem to be no difference in those two words “wellness” and “well-being”, but, actually, “wellness” usually refers to physical health, while “well-being” refers to a more comprehensive wellness of mind, body and spirit. Two plans or lessons that help us with our well-being are the Daniel Plan (here’s an article and here’s their website) and Blue Zones (here’s a website where you can look at lessons or projects.)

Meanwhile, Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk and her colleagues have written a series of excellent articles on various aspects of wellness or well-being. Links to those articles are below.   I’m sure you will find them both interesting and helpful:

Four Easy Ways To Stay Healthy

Sitting Is the New Smoking

TEDx talk on Wellbeing by Jim Harter, Ph.D and Chief Scientist, Workplace Management and Wellbeing, for Gallup’s workplace management practice

Some Humor: “This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard” (Time Travel Dietitian- I have posted this before)

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Day 165- April 18th, 2019

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I wish you well in every way.  The Internet has been on-again, off-again today.  Spectrum will have someone here tomorrow to see what’s going on.  I’m managing to sneak this in while there is some service.  I apologize, but I will have to delay my posting a day.  See you tomorrow!

Day 164- April 15th, 2019

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I hope and pray for you that all is well and getting better!  Tonight will be another short posting like the last one, although when I look back at Wednesday’s posting it really doesn’t seem very short.  First there will be a link to “April Wellness Activities in the Nunda Area” and then a few links and videos on an alternative approach to lowering blood pressure.  I hope that this information is interesting, informative and helpful:

Wellness Activities for April in the Nunda Area



How To Perform the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Controlled Breathing (Department of Veterans’ Affairs)

How to lower blood pressure in MINUTES (Adam J. Story, DC)

High Blood Pressure and Breathing (Dr. Ric Saguil)

Thank you for sharing your time with us and for joining in the quest for wellness.

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Day 163- April 11th, 2019


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I sincerely wish you well in every way. We’ve been talking about a number of aspects of wellness, from activities that are good for our intellect to the importance of moving naturally throughout the day to the importance of a diet and regimen that fits you and your needs (e.g. flexitarian diet, low carb diet, humor and spirituality). Well, today I’m thinking about sleep- mainly because I got home very late and then had about three hours of work still to do. I’m not complaining; I like to work. But tonight’s posting is going to be short and to the point: sufficient quality sleep is very important. Poor sleep contributes to many physical and mental problems such as stroke, type II diabetes risk, depression, obesity and inflammation. Adequate, quality sleep, on the other hand, improves our focus, our athletic performance, our immune function and our emotional wellness.

Below you will find just a few links to sleep topics and information, followed by some relevant videos.   I hope you find them interesting and helpful:


Everything You Know About Sleep Is Wrong

The Booming Industry Of Sleep Aids

My Healthy Nighttime Routine (Dr. Mike)

Proven Sleep Tips (Dr. Mike)

Army Sleep Technique

Sleep, Memory and Age

Why Do We Sleep?

Thank you for sharing your time with us and for joining in the quest for wellness.

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Day 162- April 8th, 2019

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As always, I wish you well and I wish you wellness! Last week I had appointments with my primary care physician and my cardiologist. They both wanted me to change my diet and concurred on a low-carb, low-meat diet. Since that was the kind of diet I lost weight on earlier in the past year, I was quite happy. A typical dinner (main meal) that I would have on this diet would be a piece of fish (usually broiled salmon, my favorite fish) on a bed of lightly cooked baby spinach with a salad (avocado, tomato, broccoli and some of my wife’s “Skinnygirl” poppy seed dressing) and iced tea: delicious, and a grand total of about 500 calories and fewer than 12 impact carbs with lots of “good” fats and nutrients.   I thought that today I would post links to low-carb, low-meat recipes as well as links to some warnings about trading carb calories for meat calories. These are followed by some videos related to low carb dieting. I hope you find the information interesting and useful:


Dr. Mike Discusses The Ketogenic (Low Carb) Diet

BBC Documentary – Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen

Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Debate The Culprit Behind Unhealthy Eating | TIME

Ketones Effect on Dementia (In This Case, Using Coconut Oil)

What to Eat to Improve Your Memory | Max Lugavere

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Day 161- April 1st, 2019

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As always, I hope and pray for the very best for you all. We have been talking about moving more and eating better. Today, for some reason, I felt an interest in our intellectual wellness. Below are some links to articles and resources about ways that reading, listening to music and playing games can possibly increase your intelligence. These links are followed by videos by “2 Cellos.” They are sort of like the three tenors, except there are just two, and they don’t sing; they play the cello. Each of them (Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser) is a fine artist in his own right; together they are amazing!

I hope you enjoy the articles and videos:











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Day 160- March 28th, 2019

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Last Sunday we talked about the importance of moving more and moving naturally, with an emphasis on “walking.” I admitted that I hadn’t been moving (walking) as much as I should have been recently, basically because of the weather. I plan to move a lot more now that spring seems to be arriving. Back in October I reported that I had lost around 30 pounds in the first four months of this blog.   Well, as a result of my inactivity (and possibly a switch from low carb, low calorie eating to a flexitarian diet), I have regained nearly all 30 pounds. I’m not discouraged, however, because my health remains greatly improved. I’ve lost most of the joint pain I’d been experiencing, my blood pressure averages 101/65, I sleep well, I stay focused on the job at hand for long periods of time and, although I still don’t have a “rosy” personality, Jackie seems to think that it’s “rosier” than it used to be.

Today I’m posting links to recipes that are “compatible” with a Blue Zones lifestyle, along with links to related information. The recipes are mainly plant-based, but may include fish, some eggs and dairy, and some meat. Beans and sweet potatoes can be a big part of such a diet. I personally eat meat only at Sunday lunch or at special celebrations such as Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the recipes and related information. Please consider trying a Blue Zones lifestyle and a flexitarian or similar diet:







Dr. Mike on “How To Live Longer” and “Blue Zones”

Dan Buettner on “Secrets to Happiness”

The Secrets of Happiness & Longevity: Dan Buettner & Marie Forleo discuss Blue Zones

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Day 159- March 25th, 2019

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I feel that after nearly one year of this blog, I can call you a friend, or, if you’re here for the first time, a visitor. Either way I wish you well in every way. One thing that I’ve talked about in past postings is the importance of moving naturally, and I must admit, this winter I have not been doing as much moving as I should have been doing. One of the best ways to move naturally is walking.  So, today you will find links to information about walking and how walking has saved or completely changed people’s lives. If you Google “walking saved my life”, you will find hundreds of links.   I didn’t visit them all, but I did visit a lot. Below you will find links to eleven sites that I thought were well worth my time. Following that are six videos about walking. I hope that you find them interesting and helpful:







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Day 158- March 21st, 2019


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As always, my wish for you is good health and a long and happy life. One website with a seemingly unlimited reserve of interesting health articles is Medical News Today. I have chosen sixteen articles that I recently read that I thought you might find interesting, too.  Many of them are short, and you can read them over the next four or five days (no new blog until Sunday), but you might prefer to visit the website and look through both their recent and archived articles. Happy Reading!




Dr. Mike and “The Science of Silence”

Dr. Mike and “What is Hypertension”

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