Day 35- August 9th, 2018

Hello, Readers-

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Did you remember to floss this morning, or does flossing just add another layer of complexity to your already too complicated life.  Despite the criticism aimed at him, both in his lifetime and now, Henry David Thoreau gave us great advice when he said “Simplify, Simplify.”  Of course, some of us really don’t need to simplify; we’ve already reduced life to its basics. But the rest of us could benefit in many ways from following the advice of the “Sage of Walden Pond.”  

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Simplifying has become fashionable in some quarters, even among those who can afford a life of conspicuous consumption.  The movement associated with simplification is called “Minimalism” (not the minimalism of music or art) and there are many health benefits associated with it:  decreased stress, less anxiety, greater self-confidence,  stronger decision-making skills, and improved sleep, among others.


For those who want to get started on a simpler life, here is a great blog written by Joshua Becker with good advice on how to get started eliminating chaos and clutter from your life. Here is one of my favorite articles from his blog, dealing with the importance of a day of rest for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  More benefits of a simpler lifestyle are given in this article from “The Minimalists”, a blog by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

Here’s to a simpler life.  Thanks for reading and joining in my quest for wellness. “A Day of Rest”

See you tomorrow