Day 58- September 2nd, 2018

Hello, Readers-



Have you kept moving naturally throughout the day? I hope yesterday’s suggestions helped.  We are reviewing the “Nine Lessons on Living a Long, Healthy Life” that Dan Buettner and his team of medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists have identified while researching the “Blue Zones

The first of the nine lessons from the Blue Zones is “Move Naturally”- we looked at that yesterday.  The second lesson, the one we are looking at today, is “Purpose”.  As it turns out, having a life purpose makes us happier and healthier, and adds up to seven years onto our life expectancy.  Your life purpose is not your occupation, although, hopefully, your occupation will sync with your life purpose and help you in living that purpose.

Joel Manby
Our purpose in life can usually be stated simply and succinctly.  A Christian or other  Believer in God might say “My purpose is to do God’s will.”  A humanist might say “My purpose is to pursue happiness.”  Those who do not have a clear sense of their world-view may like to examine world-views on which to base their purpose statements, look at examples of possible life purposes or look at actual statements that others have written.  And here is a list of  thirty-three ideas for finding purpose in your life.  Of all the purpose statements that I looked at getting today’s blog entry ready, one of my favorites is that of Joel Manby, CEO of  Herschend Family Entertainment: “To love God and love others.”

Whatever you do, for the sake of your wellness, have a purpose in life.  I hope this information is a help to you. Thanks for reading and for joining in the quest for wellness.

See you tomorrow!