Day 139- January 10th, 2019

Hello Readers-



I’ve had several reasons to sit down and think about family and friends this week. There was a good posting back in August on the importance of friendship to our wellness. I’m going to put a link to that posting below. I’m also including a number of videos dealing with friendship. Some are useful and some are entertaining but I hope that they are all at least interesting.

Here is the link to Day 50- August 25th, 2018, about Friendship.

And here are some videos about Friendship:

Helping Kids Overcome Friendship Challenges:

Top Ten Friendship Songs (according to

Maintaining Friendships:

“Friendship” from the movie “Du Barry Was A Lady” (1943):

A New Definition of Friendship and Well Worth the Nine Minutes Watch-time:

Thank you for reading and for joining in the quest for wellness.

See you Sunday!