Day 142- January 21st, 2019

Hello Readers-



I hope you are well and have survived this wintry weather in good health!  Here is a link to a previous posting on preparing for and dealing with winter weather. Jackie and I watched both Championship Games today, and Jackie is now planning her Super Bowl Party.

According to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day in the USA, right behind Thanksgiving. In addition to watching the game, cheering for our team (“Go, Rams” – “Go, Pats”), enjoying the great ads and the halftime show, we should also be concerned with what foods we’re serving (or eating), keeping everyone safe from food poisoning, taking care of leftovers, and making sure everyone makes it home safely. Below you will find some of these topics with links to further information.   There will also be a video or two just for fun. I hope they are helpful and interesting:


Super Bowl Party Stereotypes:

Super Bowl 2018 Full Game Replay:

Super Bowl I (1967):

Every Team’s First Super Bowl Win (NFL Highlights):

You’ll have to watch at this link: Every Team’s First Super Bowl Win, since it’s been blocked for republication by the NFL.

About the First Super Bowl Halftime:

UA Marching Band at First Superbowl:

Thanks for reading (and watching) and for joining in the quest for wellness.

See you Wednesday!