Day 160- March 28th, 2019

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Last Sunday we talked about the importance of moving more and moving naturally, with an emphasis on “walking.” I admitted that I hadn’t been moving (walking) as much as I should have been recently, basically because of the weather. I plan to move a lot more now that spring seems to be arriving. Back in October I reported that I had lost around 30 pounds in the first four months of this blog.   Well, as a result of my inactivity (and possibly a switch from low carb, low calorie eating to a flexitarian diet), I have regained nearly all 30 pounds. I’m not discouraged, however, because my health remains greatly improved. I’ve lost most of the joint pain I’d been experiencing, my blood pressure averages 101/65, I sleep well, I stay focused on the job at hand for long periods of time and, although I still don’t have a “rosy” personality, Jackie seems to think that it’s “rosier” than it used to be.

Today I’m posting links to recipes that are “compatible” with a Blue Zones lifestyle, along with links to related information. The recipes are mainly plant-based, but may include fish, some eggs and dairy, and some meat. Beans and sweet potatoes can be a big part of such a diet. I personally eat meat only at Sunday lunch or at special celebrations such as Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the recipes and related information. Please consider trying a Blue Zones lifestyle and a flexitarian or similar diet:







Dr. Mike on “How To Live Longer” and “Blue Zones”

Dan Buettner on “Secrets to Happiness”

The Secrets of Happiness & Longevity: Dan Buettner & Marie Forleo discuss Blue Zones

Thank you for visiting and for joining in the quest for wellness.

See you Sunday!

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